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Fuel factor


Increase Fuel Economy by 3 to 15%. Increase Engine Performance and Horsepower. Reduce Down Time and Repair Costs.


Reduces Polluting Emissions - PM (Particular Matter Emissions) by 50 – 70%.


Fuel-Factor are installed on the surface of fuel tank.


Tests were run in testing facilities and logistic companies in USA, Germany, Morocco, South Africa, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Latin America.


Problems we are facing

Fuel – Factor  for the Military

Fuel – Factor  for the Oil Industry



Fuel – Factor  for the Oil Industry






















Fuel – Factor  for the Government

Through a specific form of information (CCID), Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) is as precise as possible. By influencing and directing the effectiveness of any attribute of fluids or liquid or liquid systems, like any kind of fuels; oils; gasses (in liquid form), etc. EQCCT is amplifying the effectiveness of desired results through specific customized communication.

The Fuel Factor application FES (Fuel Efficient System) was specifically developed to reduce the fossil fuel emission and consumption in vehicles. The FES application has the following elements:

A specific designed CCID to change the energetic structure of fuel used (make it as stable as possible), and transform in a more effective fuel. Stabilize the desired stoichiometric mixture as much as possible.

The FuelFactor includes EF-CAP™ (Expanded Fuel Combustion Area Process™) components, which produce slightly higher temperature combustion by, at the same time, lowering temperature inside the combustion chamber. This improvement is accomplished utilizing two special types of panels, FuelFactor Activators and FuelFactor Boosters, attached to the fuel tank’s exterior surface. Both panels contain readily energetic cupper plates different size, different embedded CCID’s,

Based on the Van Der Waal Effect, hydrocarbon molecules tend to “cluster” – EQCCT’s communication process creates what is called EF-CAP ( Expanded Fuel – Combustion Area Process ), where the fuel’s molecule clusters are hyper-excited creating a larger fuel surface area.

EQCCT stimulates the fuel, separating the clusters to increase /expand/ volume surface.

As these optimized and fully exposed fuel molecules reach the combustion chamber, a more efficient and complete combustion takes place. More surface area means: cleaner and more efficient burning, resulting In, less polluting emissions / more horsepower / increased fuel mileage – cleaner fuel is better fuel.

FuelFactor is cleaning fuel from the tank from the sludge, residue clogging the pipes or sticking on the wall of the fuel tank. Therefore, Fuel Factor cleans your engine, thus reducing cost on maintenance and lover cost on engine repairs.

FuelFactor keeps your engine cleaner, thus requiring fewer costly engine repairs

These images are from a Caterpillar engine (Peterbuilt truck), which had been using the FuelFactor for two years. No cleaning or touch ups have been done. The engine has over 1,000,000 miles.

Fuel Factor – Visual Diesel Tank Sludge Reduction Test Results

When EQCCT applied to fuel tanks–Cleaner Fuel is visually noticeable.

Fuel Factor – State Certified Emission Reduction Testing:

Fuel Factor – MPG Testing (German DEKRA Testing Facility)

Tested and Proven (Many Others)

Tested and Proven (Many Others)