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AGRI–SEEDS – Morocco


A delegation of the ministry of agriculture in Morocco was during the installation of the CCT-WAS water activation system present.



CCT-WAS System Cymatic Communication Water Activation System An application of the EQCCT Technolog


Identification of the section, selected for the CCT-WAS water activation system (the application of EQCCT technology).

Installation of the CCT-WAS water activation system barrel.




A green house was chosen, together with the ministry of agriculture in Rabat, Marocco. The size of the field was ½ha.

The field was divided in two parts (left and right side), where at one side the water being transported through a  ’von Hoffmann & Partner, ‘specially designed and developed ‘CCT-WAS’ water activation barrel, (Communication Identification – Water Activation System).

After that the whole field was planted with seed (Harigot).

In the following pages we will see, in direct comparison,  the development between the untreated and with ‘CCT-WAS’ water activation system treated seed.

Day 4  

after planting the seed (Harigot)

Day 5

Not-treated CT-WAS treated















Direct comparison between not-treated and with Water-Activation-System (CCT-WAS) treated side

Comparison between treated and not-treated side on Day 7
















Not-Treated side. At Day 16

CCT-WAS treated side at Day 16

Impact on growth

  • It is a healthy and balanced development with good dynamic response to observe.
  • The difference between the untreated and with CCT-WAS water activation system treated side is very obvious to see. The treated side shows a remarkable density with a lot of vitality and germination capacity, compared to the lower density, reduced vitality and lower germination capacity on the untreated side.

balanced development, Good dynamic

strong color, high vitality

very good root development

Development of root plant

  • The root system of the CCT-WAS treated plants show a remarkable development with many branching’s.
  • At this stage, the roots of the CCT-WAS treated plants show already the existence of the characteristic nodules of legumes.

Not-treatedCCT-WAS treated

Not-treatedCCT-WAS treated

After 15 days of outdoor exposure the trated lot maintain a considerable freshness, on the other hand the untreated lot shows signs of dryness.

Only 1 day treated wheat seed (cereal grain)