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Agri-seeds factor


Strengthens the seed and crop throughout the entire growing process. Shortening grow cycle. Reduces sensitivity to temperature changes.


12% less water consumption. Overhead is low. No additional building or massive cash outlays. 15-20% more products in higher quality.


Improves the entire growing cycle from germination thru harvest. Being earlier on the market allows to enjoy the best price.


All natural, no chemicals. Easy to recycle or composites. Easy to operate and maintain either on the field or greenhouse.

Two characteristics in EQCCT technology make agriculture processes so successful.

First: Through the specific form of information (CCID), Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication (EQCCT) is influencing and directing any attribute in agriculture need to the desired effect.

Second: Because EQCCT works best with water as information carrier, and water is the best information carrier anyway, the effectiveness of fluids, or liquid – liquid systems, by transporting as precise information as possible, the effectiveness is unmatched.

EQCCT is improving from the seed, the water who nurses the seed, through the germination, stabilize through the growing process. Keep the fruit moisture and as healthy as possible and ultimately through a more uniform growing and stronger product. Finally decrease the time for harvesting the product.



Agricultural Testing

EQCCT is capable of:

  • Increase germination
  • Increase vigor
  • Increase uniformity
GERMINATION – Sweet Corn Test



UNIFORMITY – Tomato Testing
VIGOR – Broccoli Test


All our testing was not only done in our own laboratory, it was secondly for confirmation, done by the professional germination laboratory of Seeger Seed in Holland, Michigan a third party independent testing.

Testing results

GROWTH and VIGOR: After a 14 day pepper test. Test was conducted in 20-30°C with a covered tray in light conditions. The effect of the treatment did show significant improvements in germination growth and vigor, over the control.

GERMINATION: Treated seed had 100% germination, an increase over the control which only had 88% germination.

VIGOR and GROWTH GROUPS: Treated seed shows a healthier well balanced growth with minimal difference between two growth groups, compared to the control which had 4 growth groups.

UNIFORMITY: Displaying a more consistent and even growing crop, the treatment improves the uniformity of the product.

During growing time

One of the biggest problem in all agricultural growth is the change in temperature and humidity. The sensitivity especial in germination time, leads to massive lost in crops.

Everywhere around the globe, with almost all products, 20% to over 30% of all food are lost through this problem.

The exceptional growth of the treated seed characterized increased germination, vigor, and uniformity. An overall increase in the treated seeds root hairs correlates to the plants vigor, resulting in a stronger environmentally resistant plant.

Improving Germination, Vigor and Uniformity

Seated at table in Agri-Seed Michigan Laboratory are von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies R&D executives, Friedrich Gradl von Hoffmann, Mike Gill and Jeff Siegers of Siegers Seeds.


The end product and longevity

EQCCT is helping plants, fruits, vegetables retain moisture during growth, during transportation to market and by end-user. Produce and Products stay fresher – longer.

Initial testing, post-harvest, applications has already proven great results. Two zucchinis of visual similarities (size, color, and freshness) were purchased at a local grocery store.

One was used as a “control” and the other was “treated” with EQCCT technology. After 7 days it became visually apparent that the control zucchini was drying and beginning to decay, whereas, the treated zucchini had retained moisture and appeared fresher.

Two bundle of asparagus visual similarities (size, color, and freshness) were purchased from a restaurant owner through a delivery company for his local restaurant.

One was used as a “control” and the other was “treated” with EQCCT technology. After 2 weeks remaining in a cooler, it became visually apparent that the control bundle of asparagus was drying, getting lumpy and beginning to decay, whereas, the treated bundle of asparagus had retained moisture, appeared fresher and still could be used.