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Company activity

June 2018

In Russia we got a Distributor who started to promote EQCCT products. Especially Agri-Seeds-Factor and Plant-Factor for industrial and private use in growing plants, flowers.

more 22.06.2018

May 2018

Bio Communication Solutions LLC, USA started to promote ad sell the mobile Cel-Factor microchip WiFi Radiation Protection under the private label E-Armour to bring safety and protection to daily life.

more 23.05.2018

April 2018

Mr.Bekkali (Bekkmannagri, Morocco) participated in SIAM, which is great event for whole Africa.

more 04.05.2018

New Year 2018!

von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies congratulates our Partners and Customers fort the New Year 2018! We wish everybody health, peace, prosperity! Looking forward for cooperation for best benefit of Humankind and our Families!

more 25.12.2017

Von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies has launched our new web page in 3 langages

Von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies has launched our new web page in 3 langages  (English, German, Russian) https://eqccttech.com and youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClYETF3Rn-hv9o6l9m7lryw

more 27.11.2017

25-26 November 2017

Meeting in Salzburg (Austria) in the office of von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies

more 26.11.2017

20-24 November 2017 Israel

Visiting greenhouses growing vegetables and berries. Meeting and discussions in Sheva University.

more 24.11.2017

01-03 October 2017 Bogota, Columbia

Presentation of EQCCT Technologies in Columbia, especially for specialized growers like for tomato’s, sugar, coffee etc

more 03.10.2017

10 – 13 July 2017 Morroco

Metting with major growers and seed companies at the Centre Regional de la Recherche Agronomique de Kenitra in the Romanu region

more 14.07.2017

28 June – 06 July 2017 Quito, Ecuador

von Hoffmann & Partner presented EQCCT Technologies at several Universities and Agricultural Technology Facilities in Ecuador

more 06.07.2017

19-23 June 2017 Shanghai, China

Meeting in Shanghai with a major social media platform which is already presenting EQCCT Technologies and “von Hoffmann & Partner” into China.

more 23.06.2017

Marrakesh Climate Change Conference (Morocco)  – COP22

We presented the possibilities of EQCCT Technology as environmental solution and conducted a  speech about EQCCT technology and contribution of Fuel-Factor application into the environmental improvement.

more 20.11.2016

Mr. Friedrich Gradl was invited to attend the event of “EMCY” in Malaga, Spain

Mr. Friedrich Gradl, von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies was invited to attend the event of “EMCY” in Malaga, Spain and explain about the EQCCT Technology and applications in commercial products.

more 08.10.2016

Delegation of von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies visited Greenhouses’s area in Almaria

Delegation of von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies together with its Distributor “G&G Agriculture” from Spain visited Greenhouses’s area in Almaria

more 15.09.2016

Products and applications

May-June 2018

Growing results of beet-roots (Africa, agrocompany) and radish (Germany, private person) using Agri-Seeds-Factor stickers and Plant-Factor plates.

more 23.06.2018

February 2018

Our customers share photos of their plants grown with and without Plant-Factor Spruce September 27,2017 October 13,2017 November 17, 2017 February 01, 2018  

more 21.02.2018

February 2018

Our customers share photos of their plants grown with and without Plant-Factor

more 19.02.2018

January 2018

The Wellmann seed company included corn seeds ENCASE with Oz-Grow treatment into 2018 Seed Catalogue. Oz-Grow plates with EQCCT technology (private brand of Agri-Seeds-Factor) in USA was tested on the seeds and the excellent results have been achieved during full grow cycle.

more 01.02.2018

October- December 2017

Company “Bekmann” (Morocco) – the sole distributor in Africa travelled across the Africa continent , met with Agricultural Authorities, Seeds Companies, Farmers, signed contracts for cooperation and started to apply EQCCT technologies for seed activation and growing tests. Follow us on facebook and watch EQCCT technology testing and real growth in different parts of Africa. […]

more 06.12.2017

“Agri-Seeds-Factor plates were used for seeds activation

EQCCT Technology in application for agri-culture “Agri-Seeds-Factor plates were used for seeds activation: Sugar Beet (in Sidi Slimane) Cereals (in Sidi Slimane) Olives (region Ouezzanne) Bean (Morocco)

more 06.10.2017

Germination Seed Test Report

Germination Seed Test Report was received from TECHNOVA Laboratory with positive results and opinion.

more 13.12.2016

CCT-WAS was tested on Wheat seed in Morocc

CCT-WAS was tested on Wheat seed in Morocco in September 2016. Wheat seed after treatment with EQCCTechnology were planted in the 1Hectar field.

more 23.09.2016

Testing facilities in Morroco

CCT-WAS Barrel was installed in testing facilities in Morroco. The installation was attended by the Members of the Ministry of Agriculture in Morroco.

more 15.09.2016

Technology and regulations

January 19, 2018

Japan to invest to prolong expiration date of prepackaged rice

more 28.02.2018

BIOFACH 2018: Results of the National Exposition

From 14 to 17 of February 2018 in Nurnmberg (Germany) the largest event in organic farming was held - the 29th International Specialized Exhibition of Organic Food and Beverages BIOFACH 2018

more 20.02.2018

December 16, 2017

California Warns About Cellphone Exposure And Health Risks.

more 16.12.2017

Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones

Mobile or cellular phones are now an integral part of modern telecommunications. In many countries, over half the population use mobile phones and the market is growing rapidly.

more 31.07.2017

Pope Francis donates to FAO to assist drought and conflict-stricken populations in East Africa

In an unprecedented move, Pope Francis has symbolically donated €25,000 to FAO's efforts supporting people facing food insecurity and famine in East Africa.

more 21.07.2017

Third meeting of the United Nations Agriculture and Food Security Theme Group was held in Beijing

The meeting focused on the importance of agro-product geographical indication. It also discussed the collaboration among Rome-Based Food Agencies (RBAs) in China.

more 17.07.2017

Favourable prospects for 2017 winter grain harvest

Harvesting of the 2017 winter grains will start shortly. Unlike in 2016 when only 2.7 million tonnes of wheat and 600 000 tonnes of barley were harvested mainly due to poor and erratic rains, prospects for the 2017 harvest look very promising. 

more 10.05.2017

Climate Change Is Transforming the World’s Food Supply

Researchers studying climate change are looking at how the biological and physical changes happening on Earth due to climate change will transform food production.

more 16.02.2017

World Food Day 2016

The message to world leaders, local authorities, international organizations, civil society, the private sector, and all citizens was that climate change, hunger and poverty must be addressed together in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the international community.

more 07.11.2016

Growing greener cities in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new FAO report finds that urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) is widespread in Latin America and the Caribbean, but realizing its full potential requires increased support from national, state and local governments.

more 08.04.2014