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We are a bio-resonance technology company who has created a new technology known as “Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication” (EQCCT). We are extremely proud to be introducing our new clinically proven technology to the market and are always creating different technological applications and focusing on the development for commercialization of EQCCT to improve the quality of life of humans throughout the utilization of energetic cell information.

  • Protection
    of the body
    against EMR

  • Increasing
    the combustion
    thus decreasing
    fuel consumption
    and emission

  • Cymatic Communication
    Technology - Water
    Activation System

  • Stimulation flowers
    and plants' growth

  • Efficiency
    sport activities,
    whether it's
    high jump
    or running n

  • Improving
    on heart

  • Anti-aging
    serums and

  • Stimulation
    pet’s body for
    soonest recovery
    and improve

Last news

Company activity

June 2018

In Russia we got a Distributor who started to promote EQCCT products. Especially Agri-Seeds-Factor and Plant-Factor for industrial and private use in growing plants, flowers.

more 28.07.2017
Products and applications

May-June 2018

Growing results of beet-roots (Africa, agrocompany) and radish (Germany, private person) using Agri-Seeds-Factor stickers and Plant-Factor plates.

more 28.07.2017
Technology and regulations

January 19, 2018

Japan to invest to prolong expiration date of prepackaged rice TOKYO, Jan. 19 — Japan’s agriculture ministry will provide financial support to innovative projects that will double…

more 28.07.2017