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Idea behind the beginning

A guiding principle in modern physics is that all life is based on energy and information. The flawless operation of a biological system, any system, needs a permanent exchange of energy and information.

Energy and information has to be communicated between a sender and a receiver. And it does not matter which communication path it will take. And there are many way’s and different arts of communication which can be used, like language, signals, signs, sound, smell, light, just to name a few.

There are natural communications and man-made communications, constant communication and free and/or forced communication.

In order to get a particular effect, there has to be a precise information communicating from the sender of the “communicated wish”, to the receiver who should act accordingly. Instant action without any question “why”, because the sender “has said so” and there is no obvious reason why to resist or even question.


We are back to the future


This communication system works in nature or primitive intelligence much more effective compare to independent intelligent organisms – systems. As a matter fact, as less primitive as more effective. We could exchange the word “primitive” with “emotional balanced” or even “emotional experienced” or “automated positive experienced” and it would fit perfectly.

Automated communication systems are only as good as the creator’s thought process. Nature’s thought process is billions of years’ experience; there is no possibility that our human thought process can be as good. Therefore natures communication-thought-process is highly perfected. We can only learn from this experience.

Based on our understanding and interaction we know everything moves. Everything is energy and information and everything has a frequency. The world and everything in it does not stand still. Every movement needs communication for its direction, for its cause, for its purpose. The more precise and/or efficient the communication used to guide the movement, the more precise and/or efficient the result.

The technology we created, Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) is a highly effective technology born in a scientific study of life…from the beginning of biophysics in its finest, using precision and effectiveness for outstanding results.