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How we protect our technology

Unlike a patent where an invention is required to disclose how it works in both written and graphical formats which could allow individuals or companies to copy all and everything, “von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies” has chosen to protect their invention as a trade secret. A trade secret is by far the best possible protection of unique technologies or recipes, especially by extreme complex matrix and almost endless capability for applications and still include any useful formula, plan, pattern, process, program, tool, technique, mechanism, compound, or device that is not generally known or readily ascertainable by the public.

Because we are protecting EQCCT as a trade secret, we also have a much better protected way or form, like any other property right, to sell, assign, license, or otherwise used for monetary gain. The advantages of protecting EQCCT as a trade secrets include as well:

  • It is not limited in time (patents last in general for up to 20 years). It may therefore continue indefinitely as long as the secret is not revealed to the public.
  • Trade secrets involve no registration costs (though there may be high costs related to keeping the information confidential).
  • Trade secrets have immediate effect.
  • Trade secret protection does not require compliance with formalities such as disclosure of the information to a Government authority.