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Frequencies and resonance

If one or more of these frequencies vary only 3-10MHz any organism act accordingly, in getting out of balance or start functioning.

The human body or biological organism is using his immune system to fight against such effects, but a technical man make equipment simply stop working or be redirected to another function.

You can listen to a radio station on a particular frequency, but change the frequency and the station changes:


Everything known to mankind has its own unique frequency and every frequency has his resonance

The Earth vibrates constantly at 7.83 HZ


To Perfectly Communicate, a frequency is necessary, as well as, the precise information.

A perfect communication: Specific frequency, the representing information, sender and receiver. Created by nature. No question this is a rose and it is red colored.

It can also be measured in Nanometers (like above) or in Ångströms

Look at the flower … How Are You Seeing This Color?

THE ANSWER: The color is being naturally transmitted via a “Natural Frequency” to your eyes, which translates the frequency so your brain recognizing the color.



There are many systems using frequencies and through the particular resonance fulfill a desired cause. This cause can be as simple as an identification of a product, or tracking recognized transport path’s ways of goods.

The most known and widely accepted system using these types of frequency – resonant, sender – receiver connection are generated through radio frequency identification (RFID)

These systems have specific frequency patterns that have to be identified to function. As already mentioned the use of RFIDs do not need to be very sophisticated. The information which will be transported is simple, a loud alarm, a tracking system etc.
The more complicated and complex the information has to be, the more complicated the identification (ID) has to be.


Easy RFID pattern


More sophisticated RFID pattern


Our EQCCT identification is extremely complex and has nothing to do with these kinds of radio frequency ID’s, therefore, we documented Cymatic Communication Identification (CCID)


The image on the right is a micro Cymatics simulation (by Dean Baker.)

The white arcs represent the incoming sound field. The pattern on the cell surface is caused by the interaction of the sound, vibration, and frequencies. If used, the pattern of the sound will duplicate the pattern we see on the cell surface.

Using this knowledge and implementing the EQCCT technology, we are able to enhance desired effect’s in a direct communication with the subject in question (plants, animals, humans) stimulating only the desired effect.

In general, it is possible to use any frequency for developing a communication between sender and receiver as long as the frequency is the exact same and therefore resonates, somehow responds. Once we establish these connections, we can use these connection to attach or piggy-bag whatever kind of information we want to send from the sender to the receiver. As long as the information is explicitly clear and based on nature communication systems, the desired effect will occur.

20 HERTZ. (Pulse-Tone, Pitch E, Adrenal Function, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Vertebral Resonance)

31.32 HERTZ. Schuman Resonance
(4 x 7.83 Hz)

Pituitary Stimulation. HGH Production, 32 HERTZ, (Pulse-Tone C), Basic Spinal Resonance, Vigor & Alertness