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Cymatic communication

To better understand the endless possibilities of EQCCT we have to explore the spectrum of possible connections for communication recognition.

The obvious spectrum of possible information exchange for human is limited. The first limitation is by noise, sound, the second by visible light.

Spectrum of sound, noise recognition: The communication field for human is limited



And just as an example, to realize how small and limited our spectrum of noise recognition actually is and how much we try to use every fraction of it, for all kinds of information interaction, we have to see the following diagram. This diagram is representing the average coverage of RF channels just for the U.S.


Spectrum of visible light

EQCCT on the other hand has practically no limitation.

EQCCT is a very subtly, extremely precise communication technology, which are capable of creating unmatched results. Neither limited nor supported through noise or light.

Using Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology is opening a whole new world of specific applications with unmatched effectiveness.