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Oz-Grow (Agri-Seeds Factor) in USA
Tested in 2017 in Michigan, USA

The EQCCT application for agriculture (Agri-Seeds Factor) is represented by private brand “OZ-GROW” in the USA.

Soya beans seeds was treated/activated during 24 hours by the EQCCT technology.

After treatment the seeds were planted 2-inches (5cm) deep in potting soil.

Light set for 14 hours to simulate May 1 planting date

Germination of soya beans treated by EQCCT

Germination of soya beans untreated by EQCCT

  • Germination 87%
  • 43% superior root growth
  • 44% good root growth
  • 4% abnormal

  • 89% germination
  • 7% good root growth
  • 63% fair root growth
  • 19% poor root growth

Roots development

Germination of soya beans treated by EQCCT

Germination of soya beans untreated by EQCCT

Summary after full cycle test with crops (”From Seed to Harvest”)

  • Soya beans treated by EQCCT
  • Plants emerged in 11-days
  • Plants harvested in 27-days
  • Germination comparable between treatments
  • Root growth much better on all plants with half having superior growth, especially fine root hairs
  • Corn seed treated by EQCCT
  • Earlier germination
  • 1002 kg more harvest per hectar
  • Soya beans without technology treatment
  • Untreated emerged in 15-days
  • Untreated harvested in 36-days

The big seed company Wellmann included corn seed ENCASE with Oz-Grow in the Seed catalogue from 2018.

  • Schutz
    des Körpers
    vor EMR

  • Verbesserung der Verbrennung,
    dadurch Reduktion
    des Spritverbrauchs
    und der Emission

  • Cymatic Kommunikations Technologie – Wasser Aktivierungssystem

  • Stimmulation des Pflanzen
    und Blumen
    - wachstums

  • Effiziente Sport Aktivität,
    ob höher springen
    oder schneller

  • Verbesserung
    der Libido
    des Herzens

  • Anti-aging,
    Seren und

  • Stimulation des Körpers,
    dadurch besseres
    schnellere Erholung,
    speziell nach

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May-June 2018

Growing results of beet-roots (Africa, agrocompany) and radish (Germany, private person) using Agri-Seeds-Factor stickers and Plant-Factor plates.

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