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Testing facilities in Morroco


Testing facilities in Morroco

CCT-WAS Barrel was installed in testing facilities in Morroco. The installation was attended by the Members of the Ministry of Agriculture in Morroco.

The size of the field was ½ha.

The field was divided in two parts (left and right side), where at one side the water being transported through a  ’von Hoffmann & Partner, ’specially designed and developed ‚CCT-WAS‘ water activation barrel, (Communication Identification – Water Activation System).

After that the whole field was planted with seed (Harigot).

We have got very positive results after growing cycle.

The size of the beans shows significant differences in all matters, weight, size, uniformity, vigor, vitality, quality (untreated seeds and plant from left side, treated with technology – right side in the photo).